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Address: 3 Deansgate Lane, Altrincham, WA15 6SB

Doggy Day Care

£25.00 per day

Home Boarding

£25.00 per day (nights are free as you are paying for dog care like as in a child in a nursery and not an adult in a hotel)

Puppy and Dog Training

£40.00 per hour

Detangle day

£35: If your dog tangles badly and your worried your groomer may shave off all his/her coat then book in for a detangle day where we will comb your dog through from head to tail and cut out the knots. Once the knots have gone then he/she be fit for your groomer. (possibly a few short patches may show after the groomers cut. But if they don’t cut your dog too short they may not be seen) For small to medium sized dogs also. Your dog will receive play breaks throughout the day with the doggy day-care dogs. (No products will be used. Just a spray of water a comb with scissors.)

About Us

We are dog minders for dogs and puppies in and around Timperly, Altrincham Cheshire.  We also offer a training package and home boarding service.  As we are so close to Manchester Airport we can offer you free parking and a taxi service. Whilst your dog receives training and home boarding  you can relax on holiday knowing he or she is safe and happy.  This is also a good opportunity for me to look at any behavioural issues your dog may have whilst he/she stays.

Once back at Home to Home I have a fully astro turfed back garden, front garden and all down the side of the house for serious “mud free” running about and play. We have a sprinkler, a paddling pool, toys galore, sun loungers and parasols for better weather. There’s all sorts, the back door is always open so access into the house is easy, we have high fences and we are securely locked in and very private.

IMDT Certified

Clean Play Area

Training Available

Lisa Butler

IMDT Certified Dog Trainer Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

I have certificates in Canine first aid, I have full insurance and I have developed my home and garden to create a small Doggy Day care, home boarding and training area I have named “Home to home”.

My small business is called “Home to Home” because your dog/puppy will go from your home, to mine and receive training and/or care in a nice relaxed environment and can also sleep over or board whilst you are away…. so no kennels are required. We have been awarded 5 stars from Trafford Council also for Doggy Day-care and Home boarding

Max Butler

Level 3 Behaviour and Care

Hi I am Max , Lisa’s son, I help with dog walking and play and general care. As mum received 5 stars the highest award for dog businesses, I decided to take the highest qualification for the highest standard of dog care and received an A Pass

Milo Butler

Hi I am Milo, a white cockapoo. I had to dictate my statement as bad on the Ipad!
I am the largest dog allowed here, it is for small to medium dogs, similar body weights and sizes, so we all play wonderfully together! I am one of the dogs who welcomes you here and settles your dog in, I am best mates with all the dogs.

Here I am cuddling a newbie.

Molly Butler

Hi I am Molly, a mini red cockapoo. I’m the fastest dog here, I’m very playful and everyone chases me around! I’m not scared of the big dogs however Milo is, so we stick to small to medium sized dogs. I am the other dog who welcomes you here and settles your dog in, I am also best mates with all the dogs.

Basking in the sun (or the shade) in summer!

Our Customers

Some of our current customers comments February 2023

Ernie can’t wait to get in though the gate on his weekly visit, also a big thank you for accommodating a relatives dog at short notice when she was in hospital. First class service!

Steve and Tracy.

Lisa is a very experienced dog trainer and sitter. She’s so caring and kind. My dog likes to be with her and I feel so fortunate and worry free that my dog can be in good hands when I am away. She even offered to pick us up and drive my son to school when my car needed a service. Excellent!


Lisa and her team are second to non, the love and professionalism shown toward Poppy makes you happy and comfortable to use over and over again. you get the feeling that the dogs in her care are looked after with love and are more than a job. They become part of her family for the day, Poppy loves her time at Lisa’s and rushes in whenever we drop her off. We couldn’t recommend her enough!


Over the years Lisa become like an extended member of the family our cockapoo Rhosco absolutely adores her and we only have to mention Lisa’s name and he can’t contain his excitement. She is super organised, is always thinking of fun games for the dogs, is very kind and patient and helps us regularly with training suggestions etc. We are very grateful to have found Lisa, and would not dream of sending of fur baby anywhere else.

Chris and Kristina.

I found Lisa online after my pup didn’t settle in another bigger day-care because of separation anxiety, from the first time I spoke to her I knew she had each dogs best Interests at heart, I had Presley booked in at the vets to be neutered but after his first day Lisa advised me to postpone the operation and worked to grow his confidence in a smaller group of dogs. Presley is now social, loves playing and am now able to leave him throughout the day and over night now without any issues. I wouldn’t trust him with anyone else, cannot recommend Lisa enough!


My little dog goes for daycare at Lisa’s and he loves playing with the other dogs there. I have found Lisa to be very caring and helpful, and she was a gem when I missed my flight recently and she kept him longer than planned! Thanks Lisa! 


We went to see Lisa and max before we bought our puppy smidge to see what the facilities and care were like and we were really impressed by the home day care and home boarding and the advice we received . Then after Smidge had his second vaccinations he started day care three times a week and loved it! He learnt all sorts of commands and behaviours from the staff and the dogs. Now… Years later he still attends day-care and is one of the leader/older dogs and spends his holidays with Lisa and Max also! He has his usual place to sleep in the kitchen same as at home and runs in happily and is exactly the same when we collect him so he had a nice holiday with his friends when we have our holiday too! Lisa and Max both have a clear passion for what they do, which is evident whenever Smidge greets them and spends time with them. We could not ask for better home from home care for Smidge. Highly recommended loving, caring doggy day care!


Teddy is a 6 year old Shih Poo and has been going to Home to Home Dog Services since he was 6 months old. He absolutely loves his play dates and sleepovers with Lisa. This is truly a home from home for Teddy. I send Teddy to Lisa several times a week, not because I need to, but because he loves it so much. Home to Home Dog Services care about each and every dog, and treats them like their own which is just amazing. Teddy and I highly recommend Lisa and her team.


Lisa is a fantastic person to look after your dog, she has looked after our westie from a pup to now 7 years old. Our dog loves the interaction with other dogs and comes back home with some new tricks and manners!
Would recommend!

Adam and Claire.

I have been using Lisa to look after Mabel for about 18 months. Mabel loves going and I have found Lisa always flexible and accommodating, if I have to work extra or away for a weekend Mabel loves going to stay. It’s just like home from home for them. I have also asked Lisa for a few training tips and found her very knowledgeable and willing to help. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lisa!


Lisa and Home to Home tick all the right boxes for me, as a first time dog owner and an owner of a small dog. I was looking for a dog carer who was licensed by Trafford Council (Lisa has the highest 5 star rating) and somewhere homely with no big dogs. I knew my pooch and I had to be ‘interviewed’ to make sure we fitted in with Lisa’s regular clients, we had a meet and greet and then a trial to see is Sacha was happy before I used Lisa’s day-care. My Sacha is happy there and I feel happy leaving her with Lisa.


The procedure for new dogs to home to home

Its quite a stricter more long winded procedure to “enrol your dog” but it is to council standards and very thorough, safe and detailed. This is to ensure all dogs get on together, all dogs are un good health and vaccinated, flead and wormed that we know anything we need to know about your dogs bad leg, or sore tooth etc, if your dog has any dislikes or particular likes etc our aim is for all dogs to enjoy their stay, keep well and don’t affect any of the other dogs stays in a bad way.
We have 2 dogs of our own so we can take 4 dogs at day care and one of those dogs can be a home boarder.

After the day-care dogs go home the remaining dogs, who are the home boarders, will sleep in a the same room that he/she sleeps in at home.All our owners and dogs are different! Some dogs bring a crate and sleep in the kitchen, some in the lounge on the couch, some on their bed in the spare bedroom and some on my bed! Just what ever you do at home.

Food will be fed separately in the kitchen behind a baby gate. Food needs to be weighed out at home into a day bag and then we split it into 2 and feed at breakfast and dinner time (no large sacks of food). For wet food just count up how many meals, for example 1x tin is one day so bring 8 tins for a week (you will find that one week is generally 8 days here) 2 weeks is generally 15 days. Bring what you like: a crate, a bed, toys, coat, harness, blanket and list each item and put the list in the bag.

1st send a text or an email and we can discuss dates and information about your dog. If your dog is small to medium and gets on well with other dogs we can arrange a meet and greet (free of charge) if we find that your dog is not very well socialised we can discuss on the telephone a way to get your dog socialised before your holiday. At the meet and greet please bring a photo ID of yourself and a current bill. Your dogs vaccination records and dates of last flea/wormer. At the meet and greet bring some treats we can give to your dog so he/she has a nice 1st impression, plus I will need to do a physical health check, so it is easier with treats!

Once your dog is happy with me and had a good sniff around, I will bring Molly out to meet your dog. They can say hi with a baby gate between them and then let them play together. If Molly is fine with your dog then I will remove Molly and do the same with Milo, if all goes well we will let Molly out with the 2 dogs, open up the internal gates and they can play, at this stage Molly and Milo will chase each other around at top speed and your dog can choose to do the same or just sniff about. Your dog doesn’t have to prove anything at this stage other than show he/she is chilled. If this is the case then we can arrange a trial sleep over and I will give you a form to take away and bring back at the sleep over. Bring what you like and some food as said with your form. If your dog shows signs of stress at the meet and greet then we can discuss different ways to slowly socialise your dog without upsetting him/her or I can advise other options for care for your holidays. The sleepover trial is £25 pounds (we will probably arrange this asap at a weekend when it is quieter.) If your dog was a bit stressed on the trial then we would repeat this trial until your dog is happy. We aim for all of our customers to enjoy their stay, whilst you are away we send you videos of your dog so you know he/she is happy .

Time keeping
As with all businesses we cannot know how other businesses operates, we are very different to kennels and for security reasons we have many doors and gates before we open the pavement gates. So what we do to keep all the dogs safe from the road or a potential dog fight is to secure each dog into a separate room alone and be as quick as we can to let you in or out. At this time barking can be an issue as the dogs are all keen to join in the fun! As we live in a semi-detached we are also respectful of our neighbours as up to 6 dogs can be extremely loud. So for example if we arrange for you to collect your dog at 5 pm some day-care dogs may still be here so please aim to be here on time. As your dog and I and all his/her belongings will be standing at the gate at 5 pm. If you are running late that is no problem if you contact us at 4:30 pm so we do not have to go back in, release all of the dogs and then have no idea what time you will arrive. It is impossible to do this quickly securing the dogs again and this is when things could go wrong.

On a trial you must also ensure that you are around to come pick your dog up at any time if something goes wrong, so please do not arrange this time to take a trip somewhere! It is difficult to explain these situations and the importance also because it can look extremely quiet and organised but with dogs it can take 2 seconds for things to change if we do not follow the pre thought-out plans to keep all dogs safe and happy. We also do not do half days at day-care because drop off times are noisy and exciting for the dogs and so are collection times too. If we then had people arriving and leaving in the middle of the day too then there would be no quiet times for the neighbours. We use positive reinforcement methods to keep the dogs from barking in their small group so for example when the dogs are playing and the post man rattles the letter box out side on the pavement we distract the dogs by running into the back garden and they love to follow. Obviously the dogs do bark but its best to keep to an acceptable noise limit.

The dogs in their group are extremely easy to look after when its just them and us but like children when other stimulations are there they do like to join in! The dogs in their group learn new words like “find it” “outside” a whistle recall, ball recall, “leave it” and learn how to walk nicely on a lead. Obviously things change with peoples movements for example flight delays, heavy traffic but if you can just let us know in good time then we can sort out any situation .

Thanks for your understanding 
Regards Lisa

Payments explained

We can only accept 4 dogs a day, so if your dog is here any part of the day then a place has been taken and we cannot allow another dog here until your dog has left.

Doggy day care drop off times and home boarding collection/drop off times are from 7.30 am till 8.30 am (if you have an early flight your dog can sleep over for free the night before, drop off time to be arranged)

Doggy day-care collection times and home boarding collection times from 3:15 pm until 6 pm
If you have a problem with times then discuss with us before booking

Doggy day-care is Monday to Friday however if we have a dog home boarding over a weekend when you require day-care then we can arrange.

Lisa Butler